We have many options for our auto-detailing services:

Hand Wash: Cars-$19.95   Large SUV-$29.95

Wash, Dry and Dress Tires

Exterior Wash & Wax: from $49.95-$99.95

Hand Wash PLUS waxing exterior of your vehicle

Interior Detail: Starting at $59.95-$109.95

Vacuum and shampoo all fabric upholstery. Clean and dress all plastic or vinyl upholstery. Clean inside windows.

General Cleanup: Starting at $89.95-$139.95

Wash, dry and dress tires, vacuum interior, clean windows, wax exterior and clean interior vinyl.

Full Detail: Starting at $99.95-$169.95   BEST VALUE

Clean door jams and wheel wells, wash, dry and dress tires, vacuum and shampoo upholstery, clean and dress all plastic and vinyl, condition leather, clean windows inside and out and wax exterior.

Headlight Restoration: $75.00

Restore clarity and improve performance to yellowed or cloudy headlights.


Please call (423) 764-1145 to schedule an appointment. Prices are determined by condition and size of vehicle.