We here at Wallace Collision Center & Repair know the importance of high quality workmanship and materials. To assure that you have received the best possible repairs we offer this written lifetime warranty on all our workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. Items such as parts, sublet labor, and paint materials are subject to the guarantee of the supplier. We can assist in filing any claims under the supplier guarantee.

Lack of proper maintenance, failure to follow factory or vendor guidelines regarding proper use, maintenance schedules, additional accidents, theft, acid rain, pressure car washes, rock chips and normal wear and tear are excluded from this warranty. Alignments and rust cannot be warranted. Our warranty covers our repairs exclusively. If such warranty is required, you must bring your vehicle in question to Wallace Collision Center & Repair. We are unable to reimburse for vehicles taken to other dealerships or repair facilities without prior management approval. Warranty will not be valid without proper documentations. You much bring this certificate along with original repair estimate in order to receive warranty service. Prior to any warranty claim, all payments for repairs must be satisfied.